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Site Investigation & Site Remediation for Buffalo, NY

Tank Closure & Reporting
Because AFI has its own fleet of heavy construction equipment including excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, skid steers, etc. a staff of competent equipment operators and laborers and an experienced professional staff, we are uniquely positioned to be able to take the smallest to largest tank removal project from inception to final closeout report without the need to subcontract vital services. This ensures efficient project design, implementation and closeout which translates to cost savings for the client.

AFI’s professional staff maintains relationships with many NYSDEC case managers ensuring each tank closure is completed to the standards and expectations of the regulators the first time. These relationships are also advantageous when unforeseen complications arise during the project. AFI can negotiate with the regulators and quickly receive approval for alternative tank closure methods if site conditions warrant.

Site Investigation Services

Soil and groundwater investigations are conducted not only to determine if contamination exists, but also to what extent it exists. AFI has conducted a wide array of subsurface investigations, from underground storage leak detection to extensive site investigation with a large number of boreholes throughout the property. AFI’s professionals have knowledge in all soil sampling protocols and regulatory requirements.

Groundwater investigations include well installation and development, field sampling and analysis, groundwater flow determination and interpretative contaminant hydrology. AFI has the experience to develop and implement ongoing groundwater monitoring.

Corrective Action Plans
After completion of a site investigation showing the need for site remediation, a Corrective Action Plan is developed. AFI’s experienced professional staff understands the need for low cost solutions that are “approvable” by the regulatory agency. At AFI, we examine a combination of conventional as well as cutting edge remedial technologies for a site to reach a remedial solution that will satisfy regulatory requirements while being as cost efficient for the client as possible.

Corrective Actions
AFI’s diverse environmental capabilities and experience are the basis from which we approach site remediation and cleanup. AFI scientists and field supervisors have designed and executed numerous site remediation and cleanup operations throughout New York State and the Northeast. Accurate characterization of existing site conditions is a crucial part of managing every remediation project. AFI is experienced in an array of remediation activities which include:

  • Contamination source removal/disposal (i.e. oil/gas wells, pipelines, tank farms, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste characterization, removal, and disposal
  • Contaminated soil excavation, re-use, and/or treatment at off-site disposal facilities
  • Contaminated ground water management, treatment, and/or monitoring

AFI’s thorough understanding of the regulations promulgated under RCRA, CERCLA, and SARA are paramount to AFI’s success in achieving a cost-effective and complete cleanup to applicable regulating standards or technical guidance values established by the NYSDEC, USEPA, or other appropriate regulatory agencies. AFI’s routine contact with the regulatory departments of the NYSDEC and EPA, as well as AFI’s daily association and cooperation with many of the area’s top environmental attorneys, keeps AFI on the cutting edge of new environmental technologies. Finally, supervision of cleanup operations by field tested scientists who understand and have demonstrated experience as equipment operators allows for AFI’s cost effective management of field activities.

No Further Actions & Closure
The ultimate goal of any petroleum spill project at AFI is to achieve NYSDEC Spill Number reclassification as “no further action” required (NFA) or closed. Through our understanding of the regulatory environment, AFI can negotiate with NYSDEC on behalf of our clients to achieve this goal as quickly and as cheaply as possible. AFI professional staff have achieved numerous NFA and closures on a variety of sites in both the public and private sectors.

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