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Environmental Engineering & Construction Management for Buffalo, NY

AFI Environmental provides the expertise to manage efforts ranging from multi-phase, multi-site construction programs to single construction projects. Construction regulations and labor laws can be complex, but AFI has worked successfully under some of the strictest while also working with government agencies. Our construction managers and environmental engineers provide leadership and coordination to improve schedule performance, minimize cost overruns and ensure successful construction projects. Additionally, our construction managers specialize in sustainable environmental engineering for longstanding project viability. Our team plans for contingencies, considers alternatives and evaluates the next steps in order to plan for all possibilities. 
Executing the work in the field remains the most significant phase of any construction project. AFI ensures quality and cost savings while minimizing client risk and facilitating communication among project stakeholders. AFI's approach emphasizes top quality staff, on site and in key support positions to implement the plan and manage day-to-day activities. Projects involving subcontractors and suppliers, workers, and millions of dollars in material, equipment, and services demands first-rate construction management―something AFI has provided for decades on projects big and small. 
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