Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY

Environmental Consulting in Buffalo, NY

The City of Buffalo is in Erie County in the state of New York. The population of Buffalo was 261,310 according to the US Census Bureau in 2010. While industrial steel production once dominated the economic landscape of Buffalo for several decades, the city has shifted focus to developing a technological sector, medical facilities and new housing projects. 

Heavy industrial presence in Buffalo led to large swathes of brownfields, land that is filled with toxic chemicals and unfit for commercial or residential use. However, Buffalo has rapidly treated these areas through the Brownfield Cleanup Program that began in 2003. Projects across the city include Buffalo Harbor State Park, which has successfully completed three phases of brownfield remediation. As brownfields have become treated, new businesses and residents have begun populating Buffalo again. 

Buffalo, NY AFI Environmental Consulting

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AFI Environmental specializes in environmental consulting for work to treat hazardous brownfields and asbestos filled buildings. Our environmental engineers perform site remediation and assessments to transform the safety levels of any land you want treated. Call us today to begin working on your project!  
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