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Lead Inspection & Asbestos Abatement in Buffalo, NY

Asbestos Abatement
Federal and state regulations require employers and building owners to protect employees, building occupants, and outside contractors from exposure to asbestos. AFI’s staff consists of certified asbestos abatement project designers, inspectors, supervisors, air technicians and project monitors with the knowledge and experience to provide asbestos management services to ensure regulatory compliance promote health and safety and reduce liability associated with ACM.

Building Survey and Hazard Assessment
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires the identification of ACM prior to renovation or demolition activities. The Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) requires building owners to determine the presence and location of ACM by performing a survey in accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), or presume the material contains ACM prior to initiating construction activities. AFI’s surveys are conducted to determine the presence, location, current condition, potential for damage and estimated quantity of ACM. AFI’s staff has performed asbestos surveys and asbestos abatement on industrial facilities, police stations, residential homes and municipal redevelopment projects throughout Buffalo, NY.

Asbestos Abatement Project Design and Contract

AFI is experienced in all aspects of ACM abatement projects from design to complete removal. Our qualified professionals strictly adhere to regulatory requirements including:

  • Safety & Health Requirements
  • Abatement Methods
  • Work Area Containment
  • Decontamination Facilities
  • Air Monitoring Protocol
  • Clean-up Procedures
  • Final Air Clearance Standards
At the completion of all asbestos abatement activities, a closeout report detailing the project is submitted to the client. The report includes air monitoring data, final clearance results and copies of waste manifests.

In addition to surveying and monitoring, AFI Environmental is equipped to perform asbestos removals, complying with safety and health standards. We have the proper equipment needed for small to large asbestos abatement projects. 

Project Monitoring & Asbestos Air Monitoring

AFI employs a full staff of certified and experienced asbestos project monitors and air technicians. The project monitor serves as the on-site representative of the building owner to oversee asbestos abatement work to insure that work is performed in accordance with specifications and in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. They may also perform the vital role of air monitoring for purposes of determining final clearance.

AFI’s asbestos air sampling technicians use proper techniques and methods in the selection of sites, collection, handling, recording and chain-of-custody procedures in the transport of environmental asbestos samples which fulfill the assessment and monitoring requirements for all pre-abatement, abatement and post-abatement asbestos projects in compliance with existing regulations.

Lead Removal
Lead is one of the most harmful environmental pollutants. In fact, in 1991 the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services called lead the “Number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States.” Harmful exposes to lead can be created when lead-based paint is improperly removed from surfaces by dry scraping, sanding, or open-flame burning. Federal Law requires contractors that disturb painted surfaces in homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. AFI offers a full range of lead paint inspections, analysis, design and abatement services.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment
Before the start of lead abatement operations, AFI’s qualified technicians utilize XRF technology to assess presence, quantity and location of lead-based paint. Lead-contaminated dust, one of the most common sources of lead exposure, is evaluated with samples sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis. These surveys provide the information necessary for us to develop cost estimates for lead abatement of affected components and to aid in preparing project specifications. Lead Hazard Control Plan & Abatement AFI adheres to federal, state and local regulations which includes following proper procedures to minimize exposure to occupants and workers of the subject site during all abatement activities. The lead hazard control plan includes interim management controls to effectively managed lead-paint hazards including worker training, medical surveillance, safe work practices and records keeping. Our licensed professionals conduct post abatement testing to insure all lead is removed from the abatement area. At the completion of all abatement activities a closeout report detailing the project is submitted to the client. The report includes air monitoring data, final clearance results and copies of waste manifests

When it comes to lead and asbestos inspections, evaluations, surveying, or air quality monitoring, AFI Environmental is the right choice in all of Buffalo, NY and the Niagara Falls region. In addition to our evaluations, we're the first choice when faced with lead or asbestos removal jobs. Contact us to learn more.

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