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Environmental Health & Safety Audits in Buffalo, NY

The large number and complexity of environmental regulations require that specialized and highly trained environmental engineers keep abreast of the ever-changing regulatory climate. Many small- to mid- sized businesses are incapable of maintaining qualified staff to meet this ever-increasing challenge.

AFI offers turnkey facility inspection and environmental compliance assistance in a variety of fields including Brownfield Cleanup Program Applications, internal environmental and safety audits, thorough quality control and inspections, Annual Stormwater and Pollution Prevention Plans and Waste Inspection and Environmental Compliance reports. AFI has been actively involved with compliance guidance for over 20 years. AFI’s experience in designing corporate policies assures that our clients meet the monitoring, reporting, and record keeping requirements of state and federal rules and regulations.

Buildings often need to be demolished, whether for redevelopment or due to a hazardous situation because of deterioration. Regulatory agencies require identification and removal of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), damaged lead-based paint, mercury-containing devices, PCB-containing fluorescent light ballasts, freon-containing equipment, hydraulic oil-filled devices and other hazardous materials. AFI offers turnkey services for the demolition process. AFI has experience in conducting pre-demolition building inspections; identifying hazardous materials requiring removal, proper disposal of hazardous materials prior to demolition, abatement activities, demolition, and building decommissioning closeout reports.

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